Canada is the most peaceful nation. People here are from different countries, still there is a harmony in the nation. Providing employment to people of various nations , that is why a huge crowd of youngsters are moving towards Canada.


This is a country of a rich culture and the Canadian immigration has opened doors for deserving people. Life is great in Canada so. one must not think twice moving to Canada.

It depends on what you want. The United States has better earning potential and better weather. If you want to be warm and make money, maybe that’s better. You ask “is it worth it”. No one knows what it is worth it to you. Are you in Ukraine? You need to decide what is worth it to you. Canada is awesome but it’s not for everybody.

The wages in Canada look good at first until you discover the cost of living is also high compared to a developing country.

If you are already well set in India? Moving to Canada is debatable as to whether it is worth it.

For most getting established in Canada is s 5–10 year process.

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