Canadians have this reputation for politeness. And it’s definitely well-earned. I mean, if you’re the type of person who can’t stand polite people, you should definitely never live in Canada.



Canadians are not all polite, although compared to Americans, we can easily appear that way. Not to mention, politeness is not the be-all end-all.

Canada has a lot of robbing, crime, drugs, and poverty in the major cities. There is a large homelessness problem too, but the homeless are good at evading notice, because the law officers here are not particularly kind.

Although again, if you compare anything to America, our people look like saints. But comparing Hell on Earth to anywhere can have that effect.

Canada has shortages of work in certain sectors, and the competition is fierce for the few entry level jobs, so if you have any kind of odd personality quirks, the options for work are limited. There are vast numbers of students, but most won’t ever get work, so the level of student and life debt in Canada is incredibly crippling — many young people live in debilitating anxiety because they are stuck with a debt of multiple tens of thousands of dollars, which means they may never ever be able to buy a house.

We also have no laws set up to really protect renters, and so Canada is a choice destination for venture capitalists, because they can spruce up an old building a little and then charge any amount for rent they want.

We also have a large problem with gentrification, especially in the ghetto cities. Mostly it’s American business moguls who establish big, beautiful, world class shopping malls here, such as Yorkdale in North York, ON. But then because these mega malls, which all pad the bank account of some American, attract all the shoppers, so many small businesses suffer.

The end result is you’ll see these big, beautiful malls or beautiful shopping districts set up like a lavish, colourful oasis in a desert of failed, bleak businesses with boarded up windows and an aura of general despair.

As a result, Canadian cities are massively dichotomous, with some areas looking like golden utopias, and other areas looking like slums, where success is very hard to come by, because almost no one can compete with the American business moguls, who just siphon money out of Canadians to expand their wealth in an American bank account — money which leaves Canada.

However, Canada does have its valuable institutions, none of which I plan to reveal here though, because there are buried and hidden within the infrastructure, and imo should only be found by those who have Canada’s interest in mind. We have enough people who have taken advantage already; now Canada needs more people who actually put Canada before their own selfishness.

Aside from those perks, which do help make life a bit more certain although they don’t make life actually easier because it’s still a lot of work, Canada has problems with all the normal modern world troubles like huge parts of the population being depressed, addicted, or chronically stressed and struggling to make ends meet.

We do have the benefit of a social safety net, but it is far from ideal, and is not really optimised to help people get ahead. So many people, once they fall into the safety net, might at first feel safe, but actually our social benefit programs pay out very little, and rents are incredibly high in the major cities, so poverty is a very, very real problem among all the welfare recipients in some provinces — in Ontario above all.

So our social benefit system is not that great, and many people will get stuck living at the poverty level once they become a recipient. And since the system is set up to trim back support the moment a person begins to succeed, many people just fall back over and over, until they are broke and basically stuck, unable to move or relocate or even leave the country because so little can be afforded, certainly not a passport.

Beyond that, our country is not that helpful to immigrants either, unless they are educated and come from wealthy families. Most immigrants without rich families end up working in the temp employment industry, where too many conscienceless and scrupuless business owners just take advantage of them, make them work beyond legal capacity, and basically treat them like slaves.

In Toronto, one such business is infamous for all the immigrants who have died there, because there’s too little enforcement of the labour laws in Canada.

So all in all, Canada is basically as hard to live in as anywhere, however it does have the benefit where if you truly fail, society will catch you

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