Let’s find out if mappa pay their animators well –

With the recent announcement of an anime adaptation for Chainsaw Man and MAPPA being confirmed to animate it, I’m starting to wonder how things are holding up in their offices. Will this possibly affect the quality of AOT: Final Season, Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuri! On Ice Movie, Zombieland Saga Season 2, and whatever other shows they’re working on? Will they eventually suffer the same fate as MadHouse down the line, too?

MAPPA is comparatively big and I think many people misunderstand what most Anime studios are or do because they compare them to video game studios.

Not many Anime studios do most of the animation in house. Some studios like A-1, do not employ a single 2D animator. A lot of animators work from home on a freelance basis and there are just very few exceptions to this. KyoAni is probably the most famous studio who does the Majority of their work in-house which is also a reason why they are so consistent in style and quality.

It’s not just that KyoAni does in-house work. They also don’t take on a bunch of projects at once and actually treat their animators well (good wages, good production schedule).

You’d be surprised how many game studios do that too actually, outsourcing a lot of work to freelancers.

Very recently that was the case with Cyberpunk 2077, and is actually the case with a lot of very big games that are maybe not made by big enough teams. And just like in anime many of those freelancers don’t get credits and are paid in peanuts… this is a dark side of the industry, both industries, that more people should know about.

A1 and CloverWork use many young animators as employee. In 2019 – 2020 they held recruitment seminars at universities in Osaka and Tokyo. If you take a look at their homepage, many people will be made public as animators.

They are currently doing 3 airing anime, aot, jujutsu and I forgot the name of the other

They are also working on the yuri on ice movie, zombieland saga 2 is confirmed but we don’t know if they are working on it right now, i don’t think we are getting news about this any time soon, aot pretty much fucked their plans

They can put the team from this third anime to work on chainsaw man, or since we don’t know when they want to do jujutsu 2 they can put the jujutsu team to work on that.

The jjk team did God of HighSchool and Jujutsu this year, they can do something similar for chainsaw and jjk 2

The aot situation is another beast….not even mappa knows what they are going to do after the 16 episodes

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